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little slag

I can be as wild as the human imagination! I tell you, it doesn't get more sexy than this! : I have the most sexual fantasies, but I guess we'll just have to play them all out to see which is the favorite... This is where we will fully explore our fantasies and put them together to make something magical every time we meet. This will of course be privately, unless you are an exhibitionist, we can definitely explore that avenue as well.

I'm open to a lot of things, I like to try everything at least once and more often if I really like it. I'm really into role playing because I like acting and it's fun being someone else, making a real situation out of the imagination from our fantasies really turns me on. I do like being submissive and letting you take charge while I enjoy the ride, but I also like to take control because I know what I like and what will get me off. I love foot worship because I have really pretty feet that like to get attention too. I have been with a couple women, and I have not been disappointed, as far as being an exhibitionist, there's nothing like the rush from fucking outdoors.

I have quite a few fantasies, so we'll start with a basic one. I'm walking up to my hotel room after a long day of shopping (courtesy of a secret admirer) I catch your eye at the bar and after a couple of minutes you follow me up to my room.(and you know where my room is because you placed your black card under the door the night before for me to go shopping) You knock on the door only to find that it's been left cracked just enough to see my dripping hair and erect nipples on my glistening naked body. You step inside, pick me up and carry me to the bed where you drop me and instantly get to work taking care of a wet and hot situation. Your face is burried in my. i m very hot

me on top

Deep passionate kissing. Sexy men & beautiful women. Let me watch you on cam...let me see you cum for me. SO HOT! I love watching a man jack off to my voluptuous body. I enjoy watching`s such a HUGE turn on for me! Endulge...will you?

I'm not telling here :P

I am waiting to fulfill your deepest dream, don't let your fantasies slip away, don't hesitate a moment, come to me and let me take in my world of pleasure


Lingerie, Leather, oils, dildos, smoking

Anastassia Great




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